What are good chores for an 11 year old girl?

Janna - posted on 07/05/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




I need help with teaching my daughter responsibility. I need some ideas for chores as I'd like her to gain some independence.


Lea - posted on 04/11/2013




I have taken this list from my own eleven year old daughter's chore list (which is currently magnetized to our fridge along with her siblings' chore lists):

1) Straighten room (make bed, put clothes away, etc.)
2) Clean upstairs bathroom
3)Vacuum living room and stairs
4) Move laundry (from hamper to washer, washer to dryer, dryer to hamper to be folded by yours truly, etc.)
5) Set table
6) Empty dishwasher & put away dishes
7) Load and start dishwasher
8) Dust TV stand & bookcase
9) Spray & wipe down windows
10) Turn off all unnecessary lights to preserve energy

I have her do two chores per school day, and she is free on the weekends. I also have her make her own lunch to bring to school. :)

Travis - posted on 06/30/2012




I have four kids...yes its a full time job! I was always overwhelmed and felt like I wasn't doing a good job at anything. I researched cleaning recommendations for frequencies and then came up with a plan using index cards. My friends loved it and I made them for them and eventually began selling them online. You can check it out at www.springcleanyearround.blogspot.com
It saved my life!! It has recommendations for chores children can do at their age too. I award them with video game/ipod time/computer games. No chores, no screen time! They beg for some chores!!

Tamara - posted on 07/05/2011




Dishes, laundry, cleaning the living room, mowing the yard, cooking, bathroom(s) at 11 she is capable of doing Any and all chores that you have to do. at first she may need to be taught if she hasnt done them before but she can do anything you can do. Just lower the expectations since it wont be done exactly like you do it.

Nicole - posted on 12/04/2012




help with cooking, such as prepping things to making simple meals like spaghetti and such. Laundry, or like mine is in charge of the dining area--making sure the table is cleared and wiped and so forth and she just turned 10 and has had this chore for past 3 yrs, helping mop, vacuuming, dusting, water any plants you may have, petcare, anything you need done, just show her how to do it and help her till she gets it downpat and then let it be her chore :)

Elfrieda - posted on 07/05/2011




Maybe she could be responsible for supper one day a week. Planning it, writing the ingredients on the shopping list, and cooking it.

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Danni - posted on 12/02/2012




Hi Janna,

When I was 11, my mum used to ask me to separate the washing (whites and non-whites), fold the smalls (undies, socks etc) and put them all away, dry & put the dishes away & vacuum my room once a week. Mum used to give me $20 pocket money each week and if I missed even one of my chores, I didn't get a cent.

I just knew those were my tasks so I did them, and now I have passed the mantel on to my son.

It's good conditioning :-)

Good luck!

Patricia - posted on 11/25/2012




My Daughter is very little for her age and doesn't have the strength to do a ton of things, but we do expect her to make her bed, strip her bedding down and put it in the laundry and dryer. She is good about helping me fold clothing, she can now help wheel the trash out, I don't expect her to clean toilets only because she has chemical allergies. She keeps her room tidy and even has been learning how to manuver that bog vaccuum.

Jessica - posted on 07/02/2012




I have an 11 year old, also. She is responsible for maintaing her bedroom. She has to bring out her clothes to be washed. She washes the dishes every night. I got really lucky with her, she is the one that always wants to help with anything. She helps me cook. Saturdays are my clean house from top to bottom day and she helps with that. I wish some of that wore off on my 8 year old. But even he has his chores as well.

Amy - posted on 07/06/2011




My kids are only 4 and 2 [and infant. she doesn't count. :) ] But both kids help with laundry, help with dishes, puts her clothes away. [son doesn't- 2] She also makes her own bed. For an 11 year old? I don't know. I know I was washing my own laundry etc by 7. could vacuum, sweep, mop etc. We also helped cook with supervision. kids also are setting table and taking care of plates after meals. they LOVE to dust. lol

Sarah - posted on 07/05/2011




My 8 yr old is in charge of clearing the table after meals, and unloading the dishwasher when is done. Other ideas are to pick up the living room, vaccum, load the washer, switch the laundry. Fold the clothes.

Krista - posted on 07/05/2011




Tamara makes a good point -- she can do pretty much any chore that you would be able to do, but she won't be able to do it up to your standards just yet. Keep in mind that teaching them responsibility is a process...it'll take awhile for them to get it right. Be patient.

At the very least, she should be able to keep her own room clean. And cooking a meal one night a week, even if it's just something simple like tacos, or soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, will go a long way towards helping her feel independent.

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