what are good diet pills

Bobbi - posted on 03/06/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




since i had my daughter ive never really looked at myself(or had time to) but last night i overheard a friend of my bfs family talking about how big i am,i know im on the heavier side but hearing someone i dont even know talk about my weight was very hurtful.so last night when i looked in the mirror my first thought was oh my god..what did i do to myself.i know you have to eat right and exercise,i have a bad back from a car accident years ago so exercise is hard and painfull.so im looking for something that helps me lose weight so i dont have to push myself so hard when i exercise to get to my goal weight..please help me


Michelle - posted on 03/06/2016




I agree with Little Miss. "dieting" doesn't work, you need to make a lifestyle change. Make sure you get rid of the junk food in the house and have plenty of healthy snacks. Get moving, walking is great to start off with.
It will take time but it's a much healthier and permanent way to lose weight than crash diets or diet pills.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/06/2016




No diet pill works well, especially without harmful and scary side effects. Selecting healthy food, and portion control is the key. If exercising is not really an option, walking is exercising and does a body good. It takes a long time to gain all the weight, so it takes a long time to take it off. Go slow and steady. Crash dieting can often lead to gaining the weight back you lost, PLUS more weight. It is a wicked hard process because we are faced with food everyday. It isn't like kicking a smoking habit where you can avoid it....you don't need to smoke to survive but you do need to eat to survive.

Weight loss is WORK. If you are ready to work, then go for it!! Eating healthy in itself will help you lose weight....also starting with walking 1-2 miles per day would be great.


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