what are good first table foods for baby who still has no teeth


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My kids had no teeth until 14 months! I thought they were never going to get any. I'm taking that you actually mean "table" food as opposed to baby food. If your baby is more that 6-7 months, can sit up well, swallow baby food easily and put things in his/her own mouth they can eat lots of fun stuff! My kids' favorites were: frozen peas and corn (still frozen, feels great on their gums), rice cakes, cubes of cheese, banana slices, canned fruits cut up into small pieces, cheerios, canned green beans (cut up), the dehydrated fruit and veggies that Gerber makes, it comes in a little packet and tater tots (well cooled). It used to be thought that canned fruit and veggies were not as nutritious, but nowadays they either can them better or they found better tests to test them because now they say that they're very nutritious. Good luck!

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rice cakes, rusk biscuits, any biscuits lol! well cooked veg - carrot sticks, brocolli "trees" etc, peas my daughter loves peas. meat is very hard, chloe is 14months and still only has 4 teeth and finds it hard to chew meat - you could try slices of pear, peach, plums - soft fruit with skin removed.

with banana chloe found it easier if you split it along the natural joins so it goes into 3 pieces and a good sized stick of it so she could hold one end and chew the other.

she gagged on rice cakes a lot at first, but loves them now.

my grandma had all her teeth removed and it took 2 months to get her dentures, by the end of those 8 weeks she could eat a granny smith apple - skin and all on just her gums, so shows how tough they are. you can also buy baby crisps - carrot stix for example are carrot flavoured corn sticks, they fizzle down well and are easy to manage.

breadsticks are good too as well as crackers broken into pieces. you can give sticks of cheese too - cheese and crackers with banana for pud!

mand x

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try a mixture of vegies( Sweet pot, pumpk'n,beans,broccoli carrot) anything you like. chop up small and put all together in a pot with just enough water to cook them in,when cooked use a hand held blender to whip up into a nice creamy mix. use just enough of the liquid their cooked in to blend them up.big kids love this too but dont blend smooth,just mash with a masher

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if your baby is ready for solids she can mash them with her gums... actually a book i read said that babies don't even use their first teeth for chewing because our back teeth are the ones we use to mash and chew.. the front ones allow us just to bite and tear... like into an apple or piece of meat


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Hello there, how about pastina. My boys are 10 and they still love it, with a little butter and a touch of salt, its yummy!

Bethany - posted on 06/02/2009




Small chunks of banana, apple slices cooked soft, baked sweet potatoes, steamed carrots/green beans/peas, cooked rice. I keep a can of organic green beans on hand, and if we're in a rush then I can open that, drain and rinse the beans, cut into small chunks, and my daughter loves it without having to heat it! She likes anything she can pick up with her little pincer fingers. =)

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My son is 10 months old and still has no teeth. He still eats ANYTHING though! He loves carrots (the sliced ones) macncheese. As long as its soft we don't worry about it. He even eats nutragrain bars and grahm crackers and he is doing absolutely great.

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Mashed bananas, shredded cheese, soft pasta, shredded chicken breast, water melon (without the seeds of course), crumbled ground beef and Gerber Puffs.

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I give mine just about anything in small pieces! She really tries to chew everything and takes forever to swallow sometimes but the only thing I have had problems with is ground beef, she chokes on it so I usually stick to chicken or bean and cheese quesadillas plus all kinds of fruits and veggies, basically anything I have I let her try.

Mel - posted on 06/02/2009




my daughter didnt get teeth til 7 months so was eating finger food from about 4 months we gave her rusks with spreads (as long as you watch them of course), soft crackers, toast, cooked vegies, well cooked pasta things like that

Tamara - posted on 06/01/2009




Baked potato, sweet potato fries, carrots cooked so they're nice and soft.

Charlotte - posted on 06/01/2009




Depending on the age of the baby, there are many good choices.

Shredded well-cooked chicken

Sliced avacado

Plain cooked rice

Plain mashed potatoes

Shredded cheese

Quartered grapes

Plain soft-cooked pasta

Small slices of ripe watermelon

Well cooked ground beef

Hard cooked egg yolk

Cheerios, puffed rice, puffed wheat, rice crispies, or other small cereal pieces

Cooked peas

Ripe blueberries

Small squares of toast, crackers

Sliced ripe pear or peach

I'm sure the list could go on and on and on. One rule I heard about babies and food and safety was if you can put the food in your own mouth and squash it btwn the roof of your mouth with just your tounge, then it's safe for baby and he or she won't choke on it.

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I cut bananas in tiny little pieces and share them with my daughter. I take a bite and chew really big with my mouth so she see's how to do it. Their so soft that she can use her gums to mush them up enough to swallow. Dont be alarmed if your baby gags a little first bite or two. They have never had the feeling of something more solid going down their throat so they need to get used to it! Good luck.

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