what are one year olds allowed to eat????

Sarah - posted on 07/12/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my daughter has just turned one and im trying to get her off the baby jars but not sure what she can eat plus she only has one tooth!!! any help??


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Sarah - posted on 07/14/2009




thanks everyone your help its hard knowin until your health visitor tells you off for givin her the wrong food, we got told off by her when she started jars cause at 8 months she wernt on the 7 month+ ones so at least i know im doin it right! xx

Jeanne - posted on 07/12/2009




Scrambled eggs, small pieces of toast, pasta...just cook it softer than normal, mashed veggies, ground meat, mashed fruit, shredded cheese, yogurt, Gerber puffs, oatmeal made thin.

Jocelyn - posted on 07/12/2009




after one they can eat pretty much everything, and they can eat eggs and peanut butter, but ONLY if there is not a history of allergies of any kind. :)

Kate - posted on 07/12/2009




Anything that is soft she can eat. Give her soft bits of bread, ripe bananas, steamed apples or carrots, etc. Give it to her in chunks instead of mashed, she can gum it down. Mashed potatoes or applesauce is good too. Well-cooked noodles, soft cheese, etc. Offer as many textures as you can so she gets used to what fresh, real food tastes like. My DD was picky at that age and would only eat applesauce, bananas, whole wheat bread, and cheese (until we discovered she was allergic to cheese). Later she started to enjoy ground meat a lot -- you could try that with your DD maybe. Soups are good -- any of the vegetables in it will be soft and she can also eat the liquid with no problems.

Eggs and peanut butter are fine now unless you have a family history of allergies. DD has always really liked scrambled eggs and they are soft enough for yours to eat.

Nichola - posted on 07/12/2009




my son who will be one in a week eats basically everything that i eat...except peanut butter...he has four teeth and three more coming though...so i guess it would be up to you to decide what choking hazards would be for her...and i have heard that how many teeth they have doesnt matter because they only use their teeth for taking bites not chewing

Erinn - posted on 07/12/2009




I would avoid shellfish and PB until after age 2. Other than that she can have whatever the family is having for their meals. I'd get off the jar babyfood as the prev. poster said. You can create just as healthy things and spend less money at this point since baby food isn't necessary. Just stick with soft foods like cheese, noodles, mashed potatoes, cooked green beans, cooked carrots, applesauce, quartered grapes, egg, toast (to gum).

Erin - posted on 07/12/2009




That's a tough one with just one tooth, but by one they can eat pretty much whatever you eat (some ped don't recommend shellfish or nuts still but as long as you don't have allergies in your family you're probably fine just take those slowly). I would recommend you definitely stop giving her the jar stuff since there is no texture and little flavour and just blend up whatever you're making for yourself at meals spices and all. Eggs, fish, tomatoes, avocado, noodles, cheese are all good to try as well as they can be gummed.

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