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Ev - posted on 12/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




The last week or two I have seen several things that irked me to no end. Some of them are against the law in my state too and others are just not smart:

1. A woman driving her SUV with her child in the front. THe child was not big enough to be in the front with the air bags. The woman was texting while driving right behind me and almost rear ended me. She was not paying much attention to anything.

2. A mother coming out to put her toddler in the car on a very cold morning. Mom was in her long sleeved top and long pants and shoes while the baby was in a thin nightgown covered with a thin blanket and bare legs and feet. Why was the kid exposed? It was not even 20 F outside.

3. People driving on the main streets as if they are on the interstate going much faster than the posted speeds of 40 mph.

These are pet peeves of mine as well. I can not understand what people do not understand about the laws that are passed for texting and driving, speed limits and even just their driving habits. I can not understand parents being all bundled up and then not bothering to bundle the kids and dressing said children as if its summer out.

I had to let that out.


Gena - posted on 12/14/2013




I honostly also dont know what some people think,last week we went to town with the car and a woman wanted to turn in to a road that was on our side.She did blink but she would have had to wait till we past,that woman nearly drove into us,just aswell my husband stood on the breaks.I looked at the woman and shook my head and showed her hand signs to look before.I was so upset because our son was in the car and we could have had a bad crash if we didnt break..and all because i have no idea what that woman was thinking!I dont know if she miss calculated our distance and thought she could quick drive on our side into the other road...no idea but i was really angry.Even my son said that car was "naughty".

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