What are some at home testing that we can do to help our son with learning challenges?

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My 7 year old son is about to go into 2nd grade & is behind on reading, language arts & comprehension. He reads at the level of a kindergartener. But due to a bad teacher situation last year, they passed him. His state & national testing scores prove that he doesn't comprehend or cannot read what is being asked of him.

I went to his pediatrician at the ages of 4, 5, 6 & now 7 to see if he had possible ADD/ADHD. Each time, I am told he is a normal boy albeit a little immature compared to others of his same age. He can get wound up (hyper) and has difficulties following directions & making good choices when in this mode. He has difficulty coming down from the hyperactivity as well. But after testing for 4 years in a row, I've accepted that he is neither ADD or ADHD.

He does not cause trouble in the classroom (ie disruptive or behavioral issues). He sits as if he is doing what is being asked but instead is doodling or drawing pictures. I believe that since he is not causing notice to himself, the teachers do no notice that he is not doing the work or is only doing a portion of the work.

When it comes to homework, he hates it. He fights us tooth & nail but we still stand our ground until he gets it done. In the end, is he really learning anything? We are more or the less "making him work."

I requested a PST meeting in February of this school year. The school finally met with me 1.5 weeks before school was let out. Their plan of action was for ME to contact them in the fall when school was back in after a few weeks. I felt this was a horrible answer.

So I am switching to another public school in hopes that he gets the help he needs. We cannot afford to put him into a private school & have 2 other children to consider too. We cannot afford Huntington or Sylvan Learning Centers either.

i would love for some feedback on alternative means of testing or assistance.

Kindest Regards~


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Are you in the US?
Contact the school and tell them you want him tested for special education services.If you have a hard time getting a hold of someone then send them a certified letter requesting testing for special education services.They HAVE to respond to your request.


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Katherine - posted on 08/07/2012




I would get him a tutor. Maybe he'll respond better to that. You can always go to a college and post that you need a tutor for your son and name your price. Maybe 4-5 hours a week? Just a suggestion.

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