What are some babysitter checks?

Alisha - posted on 10/14/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Soon I will be going back to work. I am nervous b/c my son is 2 and he has speech delay along with some other behavorial things such as everything going in the mouth and recently wanting to put things in ear mostly food. I bring him once a week to see a speech therapist and every first and third tuesday he meets with an occupational therapist. I guess I am apprehensive on someone watching him besides me or his family. My fiances sister was going to watch him but she is unavailable now. So I have some concerns and emotions letting someone else watch him. My question is what type of screenings or questions should I ask sitters? I have never had to do this since I have been so lucky to have family close to watch him when needed.


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Ask if they can have the speech therapist to come to their home so they can follow through what you are doing at home. I did this for 2 years for a child that was in my child care setting. Make sure they are up to date with things to help your child to be prepared for school when it his time to leave her care. Check their credentials. How long in the business and maybe a few references. I have been doing child care for 24 years and it is very rewarding. Find someone through child locate. Ask if they belong to their local association. Ask people you will be working with or family that you know who uses childcare. Sometimes word of mouth is a great resource. Good luck! There are many fantastic providers out there. Ask good questions and you will know if they give you the answer you are looking for. Then you know if they would be your choice or not. : )

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Ask someone who has experience with autism. Even though he doesn't have it, they are trained to work with children who have behaviors. That's what I would do.

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Ask prosepctive sitters for a list of references and check them thouroughly, ask if they have ever watched a child who has special needs and pay special attention to the answer, ask for that parent's contact info. Ask teh speech therapist or occupational therapist if they know of any one, sometimes the folks you child works with know of sitters you don't. If your state has an online sex offenders registry check that - i know it sounds bad, but better safe than sorry. Ask references if the sitter is deatil oriented or good a following a list (can behelpful for a new sitter to have a list fo things to do and not to do, sort of an operations manual for your child) as how paeient they are and whether or not they appear to be good with children.


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You may even want to ask your speech therapist and occupational therapist if they know of anybody who has experience dealing with children with behavioural issues.

Were you looking at a private sitter to come to your home, or were you looking for someone who watches kids in her home?

Katherine - posted on 10/14/2011




And they are VERY compassionate people. I did ABA for 5 years and loved it.

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