What are some creative ideas to discipline a 12 year old boy?

Babay - posted on 06/23/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I need creative ideas to discipline my 12 year old son. He is really a great student and a good kid. But he talks back to me, occasionally bullies his younger siblings when he thinks he can get away with it, and he just lied to me to keep from getting in trouble for hitting his little brother. He is homeschooled, almost never gets to watch tv, and has one ipod that he rarely even has time to play. All I have to take away is the ipod. But what do I do when he talks back during the week he has already lost the ipod priveleges. He does not use the phone to talk to friends ever. He is not allowed on the internet. He has no time for computer games, so it would mean nothing to ground from that. He does chores daily, although I can sometimes give him his sister's chores as discipline. We do everything together as a family, so there is no real power in grounding; he doesn't have weekend activities with friends except something where the whole family goes to a church event or sporting event or family gathering. Ground him from what? Take away what priveleges? He doesn't even need to wear cool clothes most days of the week. He is VERY involved in sports, but as Daddy is coach, we do not keep our son from any sporting practice or game as it would let down the whole team. He has to show up for his commitments. He loves sports, and he loves church. If I grounded him from every Wednesday night youth program where the family goes together, he would probably miss out altogether on the youth program because I am sure he doesn't go a week without needing discipline. All of his fun activities revolve around family time together, not tv or electronic gadgets, or Friday nights out with friends. We can't really ground him from family activites can we? Or maybe we can? What about a fine? We made him dig a hole once and then fill it in again. We've had him write out Bible verses about lying from 10pm to 12am while we went to bed. He doesn't like those measures, but he is still talking back and not controlling his behavior during the day when Daddy's at work. My methods aren't working so well. I need creative suggestions!

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