What are some good colic remedies?

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My daughter has colic...what can I do to make her more comfortable?


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My oldest baby was colicky and although I can't think of any remedies that someone else hasn't already told you, I just wanted to let you know that it will end. I know it feels like its going to go on forever and its hard. I found myself crying too at times when nothing worked. Sometimes you just have to watch out for yourself too and walk outside a minute and give yourself a break. Before you know it this will be over and you will have a happy baby! Best of luck to you. Also just wanted to say when we found the right formula, Juliana was a different baby.

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I thought of one more thing. Save a few of her poo diapers and place them in a plastic baggie (and in the fridge). Save the diapers the same day you schedule an appointment with your Dr. . . get the diapers to your doctor the same day. The doctor has test strips right in her office she can use to check your daughter's diaper for traces of blood. (I did this that's why I'm sharing). My son ended up having a dairy and soy sensitivity and it was causing inflammation in his bowels causing him to pass blood. Rashes and/or a persistent runny or stuffy nose can also be a sign of a food sensitivity or allergy. If your daughter does have that, it is different than colic and takes longer to go away. Good luck Miss detective!

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I've tried many, but couldn't get the advantage of full night sleep till the time I started using babies magic tea.

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whew!! i feel 4 u--colic. my son had to have surgery when he was born... dr's. told me that his colic was from the trama due to the surgery. he had it for 6 months straight--24 hrs. a day!! i thought i was going to loose it! i tried a lot of stuff the best thing that worked for me was -- i would put him in his car seat(baby carrier) buckle him in it and put him on the dryer and turn it on... it worked wonders! sounds crazy but it worked.. i had to do it for so long that i hung toys and everything so he would be intertained .. u can only hold and rock for so long... but the soud and i guess the vibration would calm him down... at night when it was time to put him in his crib i would put a vaccum cleaner right beside his crib and turn it on this worked also. he is two now and i've had to buy a new dryer and vaccum...but hey what ever works!

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swaddling along with rocking help alot, my son and I were together constantly. Babies don't form habits til after the 6 month mark so don't be worried about holding and comforting her whenever needed. I also nursed him and found by eliminating chocolate.caffiene, spicy, citrus and milk helped him settle. I knew when I had eaten anything with the above in it. Even small amounts had an effect on him.

Stay strong you can and will get through this!!

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I read up on colic a little when I thought my son had colic. Wearing your baby a minimum of 3 hours a day can sooth and comfort, dancing slowly and moving in all directions to give the baby different sensations that may be soothing, changing positions of your baby from upright to lying down to tummy. Moving her legs around. There's a product called Gripe Water that might be worth a try. I own some but I never used it. If your daughter is formula fed, you could ask your Dr. if he/she thinks it's the formula choice. . . they make a hypoallergenic formula that is good for troubleshooting sources of colic. If she is breastfed you could try simplifying your diet for a few weeks to see if your diet is the source of her discomfort. I was a little disconcerted after reading up on colic because according to several texts, colic is a doctor's code word for 'I don't know'. It's a broad label for persistent discomfort that can keep a baby up all night or crying all day long. Another thing the texts recommend is for the father or another family member needs to provide a lot of support to give the mother a break from endless soothing. I would put on your detective had and start looking at what might be causing it. Sometimes you cannot find the answer. Sometimes you get lucky. I hope I've helped.

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My son is eight and a half months old and he had colic til he was six months old!! I feel your pain. I did some baby massage, the I L U technique works really well to move some of the gas build up. Google it or find someone who can teach you how to do baby massage. Not sure where you love but I am in Ontario and we have a government service that allows us to get this as a free service. I also used gripe water and anti-gas drops whenever I felt he needed it,this doesn't work for every baby and some people think it is a waste of time but if she is unsettled due to gas then it might help bring some of it up. I didn't think this worked for my son but it did for my daughter when she was upset in the evening. My son also needed to be in constant motion and also bicycling his legs and trying to move the gas seemed to really help him settle. White noise works for some kids. We used a humidifier for our sons room and still use it, it helped to settle him!

I hope some of these work for you. As hard as it is, this will pass eventually. Try to get as much support as you can. Also google it on the parenting websites and you can get some other ideas. Burping really good will also help lessen the gas and the tummy upset. Also try laying her across you knees and gently rubbing her back.

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hmm, i had 2 colicy babies.

Things to remember about colic

* You didn't cause the colic, so try not to feel guilty.

* Colic almost always goes away by 3 months of age. It should go away by the time your baby is 6 months old.

* You can try many things to soothe your baby.

* Giving your baby extra attention won't "spoil" him or her.

* Just because your baby has colic doesn't mean he or she is unhealthy.

Tips on soothing your baby

* Feed your baby in an upright position.

* Burp your baby often.

* If you are breastfeeding, try making small changes in your own diet. Try to limit spicy foods, citrus fruits or caffeine.

* Rock your baby in a rocking chair or cradle.

* Put your baby in a wind-up swing (make sure your baby can support his or her head).

* Give your baby a warm bath.

* Give your baby a pacifier.

* Gently rub your baby's stomach.

* Wrap or swaddle your baby in a soft blanket.

* Put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk.

* Go for a drive with your baby in the car seat.

ry feeding your baby if more than 2 hours have passed since the last feeding. Feed your baby more often and less at a time.

If you feed your baby formula, your family doctor might suggest trying a different brand. Warming the formula to body temperature before a feeding may also help.

Try using a nipple with a smaller hole on the bottle if a bottle feeding takes less than 20 minutes. Avoid feeding your baby too quickly.

Colic can be very frustrating for parents. Babies who don't stop crying can be hard to care for. Any time you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, get someone else to watch your baby for a while.

If you can't find anyone to help you, try going into a nearby room and watching TV or listening to the radio. Make sure your baby will be safe without immediate supervision. Crying will not hurt your baby. Be sure you give yourself time away from your baby so you don't get too frustrated.

Remember, a baby never died from crying, so plz be good to urself and ur baby, take the time if u need it or call someone to help

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You can warm up a magic bag or something similar (you can make one with a sock and some rice) and put it on her tummy. You want to keep their bellys warm. Laying her on your chest tummy down too can help. Lay her on her back and stretch her legs out then press them up towards her belly, do this over and over to try to relieve the gas. Have your tried Gripe water or Oval drops?? They are like baby tums and can relieve gas and colic pain as well.

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laying her across your lap on her belly (make sure you support the head!!) and rubbing her back; infant gas drops; car trip is what I always had to do for my most colicy child

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