what are some good learning activities for 1 1/2 yr old

Bobbi - posted on 09/10/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is very active and getting her attention and keeping it can be very hard, and she's heading into the terrible twos so everything is either hit or miss. my brother in law said they put there daughter in school but the youngest they allow are 2 1/2. my family told me that i shouldnt worry about school or learning right now and just play with her but shes so smart and is curious about everything,i feel like im not being a good mom if i just do nothing,but ive never taught anyone anything so i dont know what is age appropriate, please any advice will help


Ev - posted on 09/10/2016




She actually does learn through play, imitation of those around her and exploring things on her own. Teaching is quite more for older kids. Just spending one on one with her everyday all day when you can is enough for now. Read stories to her, show her things when you are out and tell her the names of them, show her colors and shapes and tell her what they are, count the number of things around you like if there are several books count each book and tell her the number as you do, teach her animal sounds and that sort of thing. You do not have to have fancy apps, teaching aids or other things to teach her about the world around her. All these things will come into play when she gets older.

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