What are some good tips on how to correct a two year old's cussing habit?

Mary - posted on 02/14/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is around a lot of people thus i have a large family, so someone ends up slipping now and again and my son hears, takes in, then repeats those dirty little words. The SH** is his fav. Can some one please help me. Quite emberrassing going any where with him cussing like a sailor at 2. what iv also seemed to notice is he does it for attention sometimes when he does'nt get his way. Thank you.


Dove - posted on 02/14/2013




Tell him 'we don't use that word in our family' and then ignore it. That's what 'I' would do, at least, but I've admittedly never dealt with that issue in my parental experience.


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Kristi - posted on 02/15/2013




Well, I cannot tell a lie. When my son first started saying shit I couldn't help myself, nor could those around me, and even though we knew we wrong and we tried not to, we all laughed, a lot. In fact, I'm laughing right now just remembering how stinkin adorable and innocent he looked and hearing the not quite right way they say "shit" come out of his mouth....it gets me every time. ; )

Since this was my first child and I was a curser from way back, as were the rest of the adults we knew, we all tried to curb it. He definitely did it whenever he knew he could make somebody laugh. Sad to say, most of the time I would have to grab my face and turn away from him so I could get a serious look on my face before I tried to correct him. I just told him that that was a yucky word and people who say that word get a potty mouth. He asked what a potty mouth was so I told him when people say yucky words their mouths start to smell like potties and then nobody wants to talk to them because their breath is all stinky. I told him to say it again. So he did. I made a big production of holding his head and opening his mouth and taking a huge breath and then I started gagging and choking, etc and I had my friend come over I said Dalton said a yucky word, smell his breath. Of course, she made a huge production also. He was laughing but he was kind of buying it. So, I swished beer around in my mouth for a minute, while he was playing with my friend and then I crossed my fingers and turned back around and said Dalton, do you want to see if mommy has a potty mouth? So I said shit and he did the whole head thing with me and took a big whif and said, Mommy it doesn't smell like poop. It's stinky like daddy's breath after work. LMAO! I just said that's because daddy arrests bad guys all day so he says lots of yucky words at work....um, right?

So, it might have worked for 2-3 minutes. We really just had to watch our mouths and when he said it, remind him it is not a nice word and it is not ok for kids to say naughty words. If he ever said something like "go eat shit" he'd have gotten a swat. When he kept saying it after he'd been told to stop I either put him in 2 min time out or used just my finger tips to smack his hand...depending on all the circumstances. It also gets old for them just like everything else. Shiny and new becomes dull and boring at some point. This is just talking an occassional shit or damn. Not an everyday or multiple times a day activity, though and no f-bombs or shitheads or bitch, etc. That would be an entirely different scenario in my book.

Unless your Amish (not being sarcastic or disrespectful) or something, I wouldn't worry about others judging you in public. We've almost all pretty much been there done that or know someone who has. Like Dove said, the less attention you pay it, the faster it will go away.

Amy - posted on 02/14/2013




You do exactly what Dove says! Try talking to your family too, it shouldn't be that difficult for them to watch their mouths when a toddler is around.

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