what are some good videos for slow talking kids to learn sentences


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Ev - posted on 01/01/2013




I am doing to concur with Jodi on this one. I am also going to add that I am in Early Childhood Studies currently. One of the things we learned was about the use of videos and children under the age of three. Studies are conclusive that children of these ages do not learn anything from videos be it to learn to read, learn to talk, or anything else. Children's brains are making connections on a cellular level that can only be made with contact with others during play, at home, and out in public. Videos only hinder those connections that are made and are very important for a developing mind.

So, no videos won't teach your child to talk right. Only you and your family and friends of the family can do that with interaction and play. All videos are good for is to babysit the child. Entertaining too and should also be used with discretion. In fact little to no TV is best.

Jodi - posted on 01/01/2013




The best thing is YOU talking to them. Talk to your kids every time you are with them. Have a conversation about anything and everything you are doing. Not only can they learn sentences, but it is bonding for the two of you and they can learn about things in real life. Putting a video on to teach them to talk isn't necessary.

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