What are some good ways to ask your daughter/little one if they've used their diaper (both number 1, 2, and both) and if they need a change?

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My daughter is at the point where she can speak enough to answer a question and I don't exactly enjoy checking her diaper. What is a good way to ask if she's pooped, peed, or did both in her diaper and if she needs a change, without using the actual words poop and pee (last time I used those two words she through a fit, said that was yucky and denied using her diaper altogether even though she did use it... I don't know why..) Stuff like poopy', and tinkle is fine.


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Suzi - posted on 11/18/2014




With regard to defaecation:

My parents tended to pick up on any infantile terms we ever learned at school (or made up) but I can remember a time when they would say, if we were in the bathroom, "are you `doing'?" - or, among themselves, "is she constipated, has she `done' today?" etc (it went with the words used for excrement: doo, doodoo, dooey etc)

Ev - posted on 11/17/2014




You do not want to check the diaper of your child to see if they need changing? That is part of being a parent. Just because a child of two to three has some words to use does not mean that they are gonna tell you that they did something. I notice some kids actually go and try to hide when they are filling their diapers up! If you do not like checking the diapers maybe its time to potty train.

Dove - posted on 11/15/2014




Use the words, but don't expect her to be honest about it. MANY young toddlers will not tell the truth when they have pooped in their diapers. It's normal. No one enjoys checking dirty diapers, but it's part of the job as a parent to do so.

Lindie - posted on 11/15/2014




I would stick to using the proper words, it doesn't matter which words you use you would still be referring to the same thing. Also if she starts using different words when she gets to nursery or school she may have trouble communicating her needs. Yes it is a yucky thing and learning with mommies help to deal with it is part of the process. You are not alone struggling with toilet training, it is the only reason my twins won't be having younger siblings! Stay strong it will happen.

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