What are some ideas to get a 4 yr old to sleep in his own bed, own room? S


Louise - posted on 01/20/2011




Let your 4 year old have a say in what they want there room to look like and try and make it as appealing as you can. If your child is scared of the dark then buy a nursery light or put a dimmer switch on his light switch. At 4 he is old enough to understand that he should stay in his own room to sleep. Have a wind down time with him preferably in his room where you read a story and just relax quietly together. See him into bed with the words "what a big boy you are now to sleep in your own bed" give him a kiss and leave. if he gets up for any reason just deal with him and put him back to his bed. For the first few nights he will get up frequently so if you stick to the same routine of just putting him back to bed he will soon lose interest in getting up.

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