What are some ideas to kill summer boredom without breaking the bank?


Jennifer - posted on 06/05/2012




One of my favorite things, is to take the kids to their school to play on the play ground. We live pretty far in the country and the nearest park is about 15 min away, and the school is only 5 min away, so that is one reason we go to the school. The other reason we go there, is that it isn't nearly as crowded. Another great way, is to go to the travel section at your local walmart (or other similar store) and get some $1 spray bottles. Squirt guns run out of water really fast, and tend to break really easy. The squirt bottles hold more water and are a bit more durable. This may be a strange idea, but I have my kids help clean the house. It keeps them occupied, gets the house clean faster wich means more time for mommy to play with them, and they learn a life lesson on how to clean a house. Check out some local museums. Some of them (at least in my area) have family discounts and tend to be pretty cheap. We have a local historical museum that is only $8 for an entire family to get in! Art projects are a biggie in my house. We are currently saving old milk jugs that the kids will color, then cut out a couple sides and fill with bird seed. I bought a bunch of paint by number books after Easter on Clearance. They were less than $1 each, and keep the kids busy for hours. You could go for walks, but add in a scavenger hunt to make it more exciting. Well, hopefully that helps a little.

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