What are some things that parents should be aware of about Snapchat?

Lily - posted on 07/15/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Kids as young as before their preteen years are online now. Lots of parents are not monitoring them, so therefore they can basically do/say what they desire on social media. Snapchat is just as popular as Instagram. It's so fun! I see my 15 year old sending pictures back and forth to friends so she can start "streaks" with them. My concern would be that it's useful if children want to cyberbully or harass someone online. The messages only last for 10 seconds if you send it directly to people. While my daughter is a great kid, there are kids out there who should not be trusted by their parents. Another major concern would be that pedophiles can target children on it, especially if you can only view materials for a few seconds and your parents will never know after that. Even if a parent asks their child to hand over the phone, chances are, that image/message is gone and the kid can easily lie. There's been incidents related to pedophiles on that site. A child gives out his/her address, the predator pretending to be another kid writes it down, and they meet up. THAT'S how dangerous this app can be! They also launched a new feature where you can be tracked down. You create an avatar that looks like you, and the settings are on.. so that means people can see where you are. They even give your character a virtual towel if you're hanging out at the beach and they will locate you! Everything is monitored for my daughter. Here in Canada, we have strict laws against online crimes (not sure about the US!). What would be your main concern involving Snapchat?


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