what are some things you can do to greive the loss of your baby

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I lost my baby at 14wks gestation on 1/15/12 of trisomey 18 it was a little girl i am having a hard time with it and also having issues making my 4 year old understand the loss. I plan on planting a garden in the spring but what else can i do that may be helpful?


Sugargirlcountrygal - posted on 01/25/2012




thank you i already have a counselor but i had one before the loss I am a year recovered from ED anorexia to be specific I think it makes it harder and i am getting back into my recovery copeing skills in hopes not to relapse. your posts are very helpful and thanks to you all.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I think the garden is a wonderful idea. One thing I've read about grief and found to be very true: you'll never completely stop grieving. Don't let anyone tell you down the road you should be "over it." You'll eventually form what is called a "new normal" that allows you to acknowledge your lost child without feeling overwelmed, but this will take time. I'd recommend making a memory box, something you can keep a few precious momentos of your little girl in. It is hard for a 4yo to understand death. I'd recommend being completely honest with your child. When he/she (?) asks about the new baby, say "Your little sister was very sick and went to be with Jesus/in heaven/etc. She won't be coming here to out home. We'll miss her and it's okay to be sad/angry/hurt/etc about it." Take your time and if you feel too overwelmed by it, find someone who can help you work through your grief like a counselor or a member of the clergy.


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@ Ashley ,You take care of yourself and your family ,and my prayers and thoughts are with you all

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