What Are The Best Cloth Diapers?

Jillian - posted on 09/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm having my first healthy baby boy in December of this year. My boyfriend and I are interested in using cloth diapers, but need help choosing which ones to go with! We want easy and reliable diapers that are as easy to clean as possible!

Please help!



Chet - posted on 09/29/2014




We have four kids, and they all wore cloth diapers. I washed cloth diapers for nine years solid.

There isn't a single best cloth diaper. Different people like different things. And different diapers work better for different babies. Some experimenting is usually necessary.

I would advise you to buy cloth diapers from somebody who specializes in cloth diapers and who has been selling them for a long time. The stores that I've dealt with over the years were very knowledgeable about the products they sold, and generally didn't sell things the owner or the staff hadn't personally used.

Flats and prefolds are the easiest to wash and dry. A flat diaper is just a plain square. A prefold is like a flat, but there's a padded strip down the middle that's layered and thicker. I really liked prefolds. They were cheap, and they lasted. I had some prefolds that I used for the entire 9 years. I used lots of different diapers off and on, but I used the prefolds consistently. You just need to learn how to fold them and fit them into the diaper cover. It's not hard, but takes a little practise.

My biggest piece of advice is to use separate diapers and covers. AIO (All-in-one) diapers (where the absorbent diaper part and the waterproof outside part are together in one diaper), are expensive, harder to get clean (are more prone to build up), take longer to dry, wear out faster, and are more prone to leaking. People like them because they work exactly like a disposable except that you wash it, but they can have a lot of issues. People who've been diapering a short time often like them, I don't know anybody who bought all AIOs and used them exclusively for multiple children.

Some good covers would be Bummis, Thirsties and Mother-ease.

There's a big debate about snaps versus velcro for covers, pocket diapers and AIO diapers. People like that the velcro is more adjustable. It wears out faster though, and sometimes people have issues with it being scratchy. I would say that most people end up preferring snaps eventually if they cloth diaper long enough.


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