What are the best seats to have when traveling on a airplane with an 11 month old?

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We are flying from Denver to Hawaii and there is 1 stop n California but I was wondering what is the best seat to chose? She will be in my lap the whole time, I cannot buy her a ticket. Can I stand on a plane an just carry her around for a while? I traveled with her before when she was just 2 months and that was easy because she was newbornish and only slept..... Now she crawls and holds on to things to get around... Very active.


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If you can afford it, splurge for a 1st class or business class ticket, as there is a lot more room to move around so you can pick her up and move around without crowding the other passengers. I will sometimes take short flights in coach class with my son now that he is older, but I wouldn't even consider coach an option when he was a toddler, and I don't recommend it for longer flights with children at any age.

My husband and I always tried to get a seat by a window because it feels more private than the middle aisle where you are surrounded by people on all sides. If your plane is smaller and has only one aisle, either side is fine. We also try to be as close to the front or back as possible. This allows for people who are uncomfortable with the baby disruption to move forward or backwards, whereas if you are right in the middle, there's really nowhere for anyone to escape to. It also gives you a good boundary if your little one wants to walk around for a little, she'll have to stop at the door in one direction whereas in the middle you will have to chase her up and down the aisle both ways.

Bring a bottle or breastfeed during takeoff and landing. The sucking action will keep her hears from hurting. A pacifier works too, but not as well.

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