What are the best songs to sing to babies?

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I'm a radio producer who's putting together a segment about what parents sing to their babies (and why they sing what they do). Looking for good suggestions to pass along to our new mom guest - and wondering if anyone would like to share their stories on the air! Email me at kbishop@wnyc.org if you're interested - otherwise I'd love to get your suggestions below. Thanks! :)


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I like folk music for children, but if you're into heavy metal, sing that, it's not about what you sing, it's about being affectionate to your child.


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I sang lullabies or turned on a Celtic lullaby CD like Celtic Twilight 3 for both my girls. I never liked Rock-a-bye Baby though. Nobody should have to fall asleep to a song about a baby falling from a treetop! Brahm's Lullaby is so much nicer. My boys, on the other hand, did not like lullabies when they got to be old enough to talk. They would cry as soon as I started and sometimes swat at my face. I suspect they sensed I was trying to get them to sleep. So they each had their special song I sang to them at bedtime. One chose Old MacDonald (except we changed Donald to his name) and the other had a mellowed version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

I'm the type to sing doing housework or snatch up a little one and waltz to a tune on the radio. I'm a music-lover, so we had lots of different kinds of music in our home. We still do. Each of our children has different tastes in music but they all like a wide variety. These were some of the more common ones I sang to them when they were tiny, sometimes just a verse or two in response to something they did, and sometimes just because.

The Alphabet Song- it helped keep them busy when I was changing them and helped them learn their ABC's, so 2 birds with one stone :)

Kenny Roger's rendition of My Funny Valentine- because she was my February baby, and she was cute and quirky and always had us laughing

The Archies' Sugar, Sugar- 'cause she had a sweet tooth. LOL

Sunshine, My Only Sunshine- because I called her sunshine because she woke up happy and would sometimes smile before she even opened her eyes

The Ronettes' Be My Little Baby- kinda obvious

My Pony Boy (or Girl)- what else would you sing when a baby is playing pony on your knee?

The Beatles' I Want to Hold Your Hand -because he always did

The Beatles' Hello Goodbye- because when he was learning to say hello, Target used the song in their commercial, and it became one of his favorites

The first verse of Mel Carter's rendition of Hold Me- because he was constantly reaching up with his little arms and saying "Hold me! Hold me!"

Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing- because I knew he was my last baby, and I wanted to savor every moment ♥

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Chaya that is a great point. My husband would sing Zoe Jane to our daughter and change the name to Lilian. It is a beautiful song. He would cry every time.

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I sang German lullabies, and pretty much any little tune I could remember from my childhood. I also was in the habit of making pretty much anything into a song, so we sang a lot when the boys were little.

My family has always been very musical, so that's how I wanted mine to grow up. But, I'd also sing my favorites to them (Manhattan Transfer songs, or hymns, or whatever popped to mind)

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I sing "You are My Sunshine" the most, followed by an old Irish lullaby my husband taught me when our daughter was born.

I've found that the best ones for really little babies are those that can go from being short to extremely long. I have made a 10 second song go fro more than 5 minutes. If I tried to change songs my son would wake back up.

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