what are the chances of a violent ex gaining access to his children?

Kirsty - posted on 12/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need as much advice as I can possibly get. My ex husband has been out if our sons life since he was 7 months old, hes now 3! I have been with my current partner since my son was 9 months old therefore he calls him daddy. I recently went to my solicitor to find out about changing his last name to my current partners but as soon as my ex was asked for approval he decided to try and get access to my boy. He is clearly doing it to spite me and I'm terrified he will win. he was violent to me and he will completely mess up my sons head! He has another son who is now 10. He hasn't seen him since he was 4! He will never change, he was violent to exes also. Hes currently out of work so he can get legal aid. When he was working and found out he had to pay so much court fees he wasn't interested. Yet he spends all his money on cars, bikes etc. He blatantly isn't bothered about his kids but with courts these days what are the chances of him gaining access? Is there anything i can do to make sure he stays out of his life?


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Dove - posted on 12/14/2012




It depends on how much evidence you have to support your claims of his violent behavior and the physical risk they pose to your son.

If he was never violent with your son and/or you have no proof of your claims... he will almost certainly get visitation. You might be able to go with supervised visitations though... especially since it's been so long and your son doesn't know him.

Good luck!

Lacye - posted on 12/14/2012




Do you have proof that he would be violent towards your child? If not, then there really isn't much you can do about him wanting his visitation now. Yes it looks bad that he has been out of the boy's life for so many years, but he will still be allowed visitation more than likely.

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