What are the Do's and Do Not's to follow when travelling with a 4 month old baby from USA to India


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Louise - posted on 07/08/2012




Make sure you have booked a seat for your little one and also booked a sky cot so that he can sleep. So many mums cut down on the price and have the child on their lap which is simply nuts. You as an adult has to eat and pee and cant do that with a child on your lap.

Make sure you are giving the baby a drink when you are taking off and landing to help with the airpressure or offer them a dummy to suck.

Make sure when you land that you have access to clean freshly boiled water to help sanatise things properly and that you have a good supply of rehydrate sachets as well for the little one and yourself. As long as you can keep baby clean and fed there wont be to many problems. You may find his body clock takes a while to adjust because of the jet lag but that should sort its self out over a few days.

Just go prepared with normal nappies and wipes and medicines you would normally use as they will be quite different over there.

Suhasini Reddy - posted on 07/07/2012




Thanks Kristie:) ya his shots are done he is just 3 months old now and we are planning to fly when he is 4 month old. I am planning everything lil early so that i donn miss anything.

Kristie - posted on 07/06/2012




When we moved back to the States from Germany of course we needed passports. I would make sure he had all his shots and any extra for going to that region. It will be hard to change diapers on the plane, but plenty of diapers and the such, extra toys. Plenty of snacks for the baby. We were told to give baby a bottle or sippy cup at take off and landing so their little ears don't hurt. If you can get baby to fall asleep before you take off that would be great. We flew back when son was 9 months old and he was able to walk(with help from me) and that helped a little. I had to walk him up and down the plane several times and he loved it!! Maybe you could do that too

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