what are the things you can not live without, that you have for your baby? And what are those things that you believe to be a waste of space?

Brooke - posted on 08/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




When my daughter was born she constantly wanted to be held, I bought a bubba moe sling and LOOOVE it. She is now 2 and half but I now use it for my son who is 9 weeks old.
I can't live without my Strider plus now, everywhere we go I have it in the boot.. it makes it so easy with 2 children.

My waste of space item is the change table!! I had one given to me for my daughter and it just collected folded washing etc... so with my son I left it n the shed.


Jenni - posted on 08/30/2011




For us, it was the playpen. Ginormous waste of space. I guess I used the built in change table when my son was a NB. And I used it a few times this spring to put my daughter in outside when she was crawling and putting everything in her mouth. But it certainly wasn't worth its value. My son hated being in it and would last about 5 mins tops. My daughter was marginally better and would last about 15 mins tops but I didn't really find many opportunites where I needed it.

My house was so incredibly baby proofed anyways. I found gates far more useful. I always felt cruel putting my children to play in such a confined place.

So thumbs down for the playpen.


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My daughter's changing table is also her dresser, she doesn't wiggle as much on there than on the floor or a bed.

I love the infaint chairs. I could strap her in when we were eating dinner, when I was taking a shower, or if I was doing anything that required 2 hands.

I never used a playpen as a playpen. We take it with us and use it as a crib on trips. I'll also be using it as a bassinet for my next one.

My daughter hated the swing we had (it was free thankfully). She would scream and cry everytime we'd put her in it. The sling we had was really only useful for the 1st month after that she fought me when I tried to use it. She loved the front carrier though.

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