What are your experiences of moving house with a young toddler?

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I'm up to the neck in packing boxes at the moment and we'll be moving house within the next 6 weeks. We have possession of the house 4 weeks before we're moving in, so that we can do all the painting and carpeting we need and fully baby proof all the necessary areas before furniture or people move over. We're also moving our house contents gradually, with only the furniture moving over on one busy moving day. My 2 year old daughter will be at her regular daycare on any of the crazy/busy days, so she will be out of harm's way.

My question is to those of you who have moved house with toddlers: what were your experiences? Would you do anything differently if you had it to do over? Do you have any tips for moving moms that you think could make the day smoother, whether for parents or children?

I'd be grateful for any and all responses, thank you!


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We also did a gradual move. On the big move day I took my daughter out and spent the day at the mall, while my husband and his friends packed up all of the large pieces and took them to the new place.

By the time we got to the new place all of the furniture was set up and her bed was made.

The only major thing that I would do differently was move her toys without her being there. She freaked out, even though a lot of the large toys were moved after the big things were.

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Pack up your kids rooms last and unpack them first. We moved when my son was 15 months. His room was not packed up last and unpacked first like I told my husband(a wife is always right lol) and as a result we had a very tired cranky toddler. By the time I got his bed together his cousins were there though and he was in a much better mood. If there is an older family member like a cousin or something maybe see f they can help you engage your little one. The kids ran around the house, got in peoples way, drove us nuts and had a GREAT time lol. Moving is stressful but try not to make a big deal out of it. Make it fun and enjoyable and don't move without her. Make her a part of the setting up and organizing, take her over there lots to play in the evening and have a few of her toys over there. Maybe even see if she'll take naps over there. Good luck!

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I've never moved houses with my kids but when my son was 3 we switched our living room and dining room, it was a complete nightmare for my son. All the little stuff had to go outside for a couple of hours which was all his toys so he was in complete panic mode. I ended up leaving and taking him to do fun things while my husband and parents took care of everything. It took him months to adjust to it. My suggestion would be to pack toys last probably while she's at daycare and unpack them first when you arrive! Good luck!

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We did it twice in 9 months. The first time I had a 22 month old and a 4 month old. We got the keys and moved in the next day. I had my in laws help us.
9 months later my kids were 1 and 2 my inlaws helped again.
We got the kids rooms set up first so that while we were unpacking other stuff they had somewhere where they could play for a while so they weren't under our feet. Then did the kitchen, kettle toaster stuff like that so we could have a tea break when needed.
The second time we didn't move far so after we got the keys, we were able to load the car up and do alot of it ourselves so we had stuff in place before the big move. It was so much quicker and less stressful than the first move.

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Hi My moving experience was a nightmare ,My husband and cople of friends helped and we had 6 kids to ,Once we got to the new house we made the kids helped us un pack there rooms then kitchen and bathroom that made a hell difference.All the adjusted well in the new area so maybe get the kids involved by unpacking there room I know is pretty youn g but get her involved as well ,I hope the move goes well,cheers


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Liz - posted on 11/09/2011




Oh my goodness, with six youngsters? I'm impressed and awed at the same time! Thanks for the advice too. My daughter has definitely been enjoying helping mommy put things in boxes (even if I've had to slightly adjust them after she's gone to bed), so she'll probably love to help me unpack them too. That's something I hadn't thought about and is really helpful. Thank you!

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