What are your tricks for keeping mosquitoes away?

Katherine - posted on 06/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Argh. My kids keep getting bitten....I don't, but they do. I have tried everything for them They both have horrible reactions to the bites. Anyone know of some GOOD tips?


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I don't leave ANY standing water in our yard. Empty every children's toy...look under the deck..empty that old plastic bucket. Husband's abandoned tire stack behind the garage...water stands inside the tires. Remove ANY and ALL standing water. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant standing water.
I keep a few citronella plants on the front porch. I keep them in pots...I can move them to the back deck if we have a cookout or something.
We love Avon's Skin So Soft...but that may not be considered "natural" as there is a list of ingredients on the back of the bottle that does not LOOK all-natural to me.
I have heard a few remedies from old men...one says to eat a garlic supplement...it makes you stink...skeeters won't bite you.
Another says to take an Iron supplement...same thing.
Another says no, he's wrong...it's B1 that repels mosquitoes. Take of that what you wish...none of it is science...it came from a bickerment I created when I asked your question aloud to the mechanics standing behind me. (welcome to my world)
As far as the bites...I would put a hydrocortisone cream on them. If the child has been 'eat up' pretty bad...I might consider a shot of Benadryl to calm the itching from the inside.

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