What can an exclusively breastfed 1 month old baby be allergic to?!?

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I have been exclusively breastfeeding my 5 week old daughter and she has developed a rash on her hand (one big red spot, but no sores/hives, no texture- just red) and the back of her neck (many red spots). I am assuming that this is an allergy. She doesn't seem in pain or affected in any way.

Could it be something that I am eating that is causing this reaction? I've tried to analyze what I ate differently before it occurred and it seems that two potential culprits are honey and grapefruit. I don't eat a lot of dairy and have consumed it while breastfeeding with no allergic reaction on my daughter's skin- so I don't think it's dairy. Or could it just be something in the air and not related to my eating habits?

Has anyone experienced something similar? I am having trouble finding information about what breastfed babies could be allergic to. Is there an allergy test for babies? Please help if you can! Thank you!


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