What can I do :-?

Mena - posted on 08/01/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi everyone I'm new to this, but I just feel so alone in my son's and I world. It all started when my kid was 4 and his doc. said he had ADHD we did some testing to confirm this. He is 7 now. I always had a struggle with his school and this year his summer camp. Today I was called to pick him up early cause he was acting up and wouldn't listen. The doc. changed his medication today and he ran out of his med.'s so of course he acted out. In this present time my son's other doc. is saying he has ADHD symptoms and Autism tendencies. So we have not found the Diagnoses for him and we may never find one. I am struggling on how to discipline him. I feel so bad for my son sometimes I feel like my son is a LAB RAT testing him on all kinds different medications. I've been so stressed out that I need to go see a doctor. Well I'm not going to leave this on a bad note. My son is very very loveable and he helps me around the house. He loves to dance and I'm not saying this because he is my child, but my son should be a model he is sooo cute. I will soon put up a picture of us. If anyone has any suggestions on my situation please feel free to put something down. O and I did pray about this and I won't stop praying.

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