what can i do?

Kristen - posted on 12/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I dont know what to do sometimes when my son doesnt listen to what i ask him to do or tell him to do...when he doesnt listen he will dance around in a circle or poke . My face and laugh amongst other things and just is so hyper especially when its not the time for example in a resturaunt or sore . I breathe n stay can i have to repeat myself which is more frustrating, i just want to teach him tocontrol himself... any advice??


Amy - posted on 12/02/2014




Consistency is key, once you say something you're going to have to follow through because once you give in he won the battle and that reinforces the behavior for next time. So with that being said pick your battles, you can't expect perfect behavior all the time and you have to give him time to be a kid. For me behaving in public was a non negotiable if the kids couldn't behave at the grocery store we would leave without groceries, restaurants either my ex or I would leave the restaurant while the other finished their meal and switch off. They learned very quickly to behave, at home unless it was going to cause death or serious injury we let a lot more slide, but again once we chose a battle we stuck to it!

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