What can I do about bedtime troubles?

Erin - posted on 12/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a two year old son (turning three in March) and bedtime is such a struggle. We have a routine. We watch a show while he has a healthy snack. Then we go upstairs, and brush teeth, then go to his room and read three short stories,change his bum and get into bed. This is where the strugggle begins. He grabs the sheets and hides under them, or hides his head under his pillow. He laughs in our face (my husband and I take turns putting him to bed. We fight with him, and then usually end up just leaving and saying good night. Most time he calls out right after to bed tucked in. Sometimes we go back in sometimes we don't.. Either way he is up there playing, banging the wall, jumping in bed. We have to go back up there as he is being loud and will wake up his baby brother in the other room. Plus I don't feel like banging the wall is okay. This usually ends up in one of us yelling at him, again he just laughs at us. And then we end up feeling like terrible parents for yelling at him. Eventually he goes to sleep, after about an hour to an hour and a half of playing, yelling, banging. We usually start his bedtime routine around 745. Tonight we tried starting it at 845, and it made no difference. I am just looking for some advice. Nothing telling me that I am a bad parent, because I alreay feel defeated enough, He is a really good boy. He is very smart for his age, a great big brother and we really don't have many problems with him during the day. It is just at bedtime,. I know it could be worse, I am just at the end of my rope. Any advice? .


Lacye - posted on 12/31/2012




The best advice I can give you is to just hang in there. Try to remain calm. He is being defiant and let's face it, they are all like that at that age.

As for the banging and being loud, just calmly go up there and tell him that if he can't be quiet, he will have to go into time out. That means standing in the corner for 2 minutes (1 minute for each year of his age). He is purposely pushing your buttons and trying to get a reaction out of you and your husband just so he won't have to go to sleep.

Also, how long does he take a nap during the day? You might want to shorten it so that when it is time for bed, he will be more tired.

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