what can I do about my disrespectful ungrateful teens?

Lisa - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a mom of four, ages 17, 16, 13, 1and 12. I work 6 days a week for the post office. I work in 100 degree weather and am tired all the time. We live in a trailer park but all the other neighborhoods in our area are upper class-the trailer park was grand-fathered in. I purposely kept my kids out here so they could go to good schools, and now I am paying for it. They expect the same luxuries their friends have, which I cannot provide. We are barely getting by. They are embarrased of where we live and my teens steal from me and lie all the time. My 16 year old son hates school, skips all the time, gets suspended, and now wants to drop out. He back talks me all the time and basically hates me and himself. I let my daughter use my car every evening so her and her brother can go visit their friends, but thats not good enough. all I hear is how they are stuck in that trailer all the time with nothing to do. She cant get a job because no one is hiring. The 2 oldest ones dad has been out of the picture since they were 2 and 4. I ask my son what does he think hes gonna do with no education-he says" I dont know deal drugs I guess!!?? " I really want to send him to a boys ranch but I have no money and the ones Ive looked into the kid has to be willing to go. Does anyone know if these ranches do any good? Can some on recommend one in north/central florida? Help! Thanks!


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Nikki - posted on 09/01/2011




Take every privilege they have away until they can show a little respect and appreciation for everything you have done for them and given them. Just because no one is hiring doesn't mean that they cannot get jobs, get them into volunteer work with the real under privileged, it might help them to appreciate what they have and develop some empathy?

Katherine - posted on 08/31/2011




Well if he's not willing to go....that's a problem. You could always have him admitted into a boys home. I don't know how much they cost or what protocol is, but it's worth looking into.

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