What can i do at an one year old party? (food, gifts, games)


Brittney - posted on 03/06/2012




For food, I bought a big sub sandwich and cucumber, tomatoes, and condiments (adults food), if you are going to have young children offer snacks like carrot sticks/celery sticks with some sort of dip. If babies are to be there, ask that any parents bring the baby's food. Drinks can be water, pop, lemonade, or anything else you want. I offered lemonade. Games don't need to be there, since the child is turning 1, he/she will lose interest really quick. Limit the part to 2 hours at most. Gifts can be ball popper toys, pull alongs, push toys, blocks, puzzles, new clothes, booster chair, age/developmentally appropriate toys.


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India - posted on 03/07/2012




Brittney Perkins, thanks!!!!! Chrystal Bishop, I am going with Minnie Mouse. My daughter LOVES balloons, I just hope no one pops them. Thanks for the advice!

Chrystal - posted on 03/06/2012




I don't have any real theme ideas I'm still trying to come up with one for my kids 2nd and 1st in June lol. We did Mickey Mouse for my sons 1st last year. But be careful of going to far over the top with decorations we thought our son would love to have balloons around to play with; my husband spent like an hour blowing them up; my son saw the room and started screaming his head off till we moved all the balloons out of the room poor guy.

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