What can I do for my toddler who is impacted?

Mikaela - posted on 10/22/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 14 months and is vary impacted. We have been to the doctor and she said to give him baby enemas. I want to know why he is constipated and how to stop it happening so often? Please to all the mother's any ideas and/or has your child going or gone through this?

Also when my son tries to poop. It is like clay, not to hard, and not to soft. Lately he has been pooping blue/greenish, not brown like a normal stool would look like. I am really clueless on what to do, any help?


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Steven - posted on 05/05/2016




Sorry, I should have added that it was my sons dr who ordered those treatments. But it happened so often that it was fairly routine for us

Sarah - posted on 05/04/2016




First, this post is over 3 years old.
Second, a fecal or bowel impaction needs to be treated by a physician. Please do not advise medical practices that can harm the delicate tissue of a toddler's rectum and are currently not endorsed by the AAP.

Steven - posted on 05/04/2016




On my stepson when he was that age got impacted fairly often. I would give him warm mineral or olive oil rectally , about 4 oz, using a small bulb syringe attached to a ten in disposal catheter tube from the pharmacy. Put him over your lap or a pillow so his bottom is higher than the rest of him.

Take your time, go very slow and try to get the tube up to and hopefully past the plug. Have him lay still for an hour or more sometimes overnight. It softens the material and makes it slippery.

You will need to follow up with a couple of fleet enemas, or better yet, some soapsud enemas. Otherwise he'll leak oil for days.

Ironically, recently I had this process done on me at the ER. A resident misdiagnosed me I believe because, despite all the laxatives and two fleets, I had no bm. I was admitted overnight with an "enemas until clear" order. That was indeed miserable. After about number six, they gave up and sent me home.

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Your doctor knows best so please follow their advice first and foremost. The stool sounds normal to me. My son pooped green most of the time from eating baby food such as green beans or peas.

As far as to the why he is getting constipated. If you have introduced the table foods that his system isn't ready for, such as meats or even the meals with meat in baby food jars he may be getting meat for the first time and his system is slow to break it down and digest it. If he loves a certain veggie and you feed it to him a lot, such as peas, it may be binding him up. Peas are a starchy veggie as is corn and very hard to digest. He needs a balance of multiple fruits & veggies as well as get accustom to drinking 1/2 & 1/2 juices with plain cold water in his sippy cup or bottle. If he is still on formula he should also be getting juice and water at least once daily but better if he gets it twice. If his formula is "fortified with iron" he could be getting too much iron in his diet, that really stops you up.

Apples are the way to go for any adult that is feeling impacted. As they say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" For a baby the way to go is true apple sauce, not the baby food kind. The texture in "smooth" applesauce is easy to eat and the benefit is it is a natural helper to move your bowels.

My daughter has struggled all her life with constipation. As a baby when she passed gas or gave me other signs of her struggle to go. (you know that baring down face they make) I would sooth her so she wouldn't tense up if she couldn't go. I would lay her across my lap, belly down, her arms and legs dangling over each side and I would massage her back. This stimulation and soothing touch helped her so much. I had vasaline and Qtips ready as she and I sat on the closed toilet and awaited her to pass something. Her stool most of the time was as you described but sometimes she would cry out in pain and that is when I assisted her by rubbing vasaline around the area with a qtip to help ease out the hard stool. Being on his belly will help so much, you have no idea.

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