what can i do if my little princess refuse the food


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Mercy - posted on 05/12/2011




Does she still take bottles or drink a lot of milk? If she does, that would curb her appetite for food. Even drinking a lot of juice would do it. Children only need so many calories a day and if they get most of them in drink form, then they won't eat so much.
If this is the case, try cutting it down, and instead wait for her to say when she is hungry, then try offering food that you know she enjoys.

Constance - posted on 05/12/2011




I agree with everyone else all kids eat when they want to. For me when they were in that faze I just kept healthy snacks within reach that they run by and grab. I am still going through this with my 7 year old. last night in the middle of me making his favorite fish dish he said mommy I don't like Tilapia anymore. I just looked at him and ask are you my little vegan again. His response "Yep". I told him to get out what he wanted to eat and he made himself a huge salad. I always keep sliced veges in the fridge. He eats the majority of them. But for the next few monthes he will be a complete vegan. No milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, nothing, but he will eat tofu and beans, and nuts for protein. I is just the way he is.

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Yep. Keep offering her healthy meals/snacks at regular intervals and let her choose the amount. As long as she's healthy and thriving... don't worry if she eats very little on some days.

I know a kid that at that age would literally lick the syrup off a waffle and that would be her breakfast... a LOT. She is an extremely healthy, active 8 year old now.

JuLeah - posted on 05/12/2011




Kids eat when they are hungry. Don't make food your battle. Offer her healthy choices only, and she will select what she needs. Kids go through growth phases and need more food more sleep, and non growth phases where they need less food and less sleep. They also go through phases where they like this kind of food, or this color .... it's no big deal as long she she has healthy options as her only choice

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