What can I do to calm this child down?

Trisha - posted on 09/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 year old daughter throws tantrums that can last over an hour. She screams, hits me, and refuses to stay in time out. I need advice!


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Tina - posted on 09/18/2012




The biggest problem at this age even if your child can talk well is they get frustrated easy. They want something or something is hurting and they'll just scream. Most important thing try your best to stay calm I know how hard it is but it's important to try and keep your cool. All they know is something is wrong and they want you to fix it.

I have a safety gate on my sons bedroom door it has multiple purposes including time out. When my son screams like that I'll try and put him in his room for a couple of minutes he may after a couple minutes go to his bed and sleep. Not always.

She's more than likely just trying to tell you something is wrong. But if it's a tantrum over not getting her way. Then I'd try the safety gate thing only for a few minutes though at this age because tantrums tend to go along with head butting and so fourth after a few minutes go in try to calm her. If you feel frustrated it's best sometimes to just walk away for a bit.

Good luck

Jennifer - posted on 09/17/2012




Sounds like she is having "spillover" tantrums. When these happen, they are very scary to kids because they have such huge emotions. I learned this about my own daughter. The book "Raising the Spirited Child" helped a lot. I ended up sitting on the floor with her in my lap holding her until she was able to calm down. This did mean protecting myself so she couldn't hurt me by hitting or kicking. (If you do this, get advice on how to do it safely from your pediatrician or a therapist. Also, watch your nose!) You can also try just sitting in the room/area with her without talking. Let her know you are there and she isn't alone with the big scary feelings. I found, mine can escalate sometimes instead of calm down if left alone. When the tantrum is over, give her snuggles to re-connect.

I hope this helps. Just know Trisha, you are NOT alone!

Samantha - posted on 09/16/2012




make a certain place in your house that will be the time out spot. when she acts out put her their and set a timer for 2 mins.( when she turns 3 its 3 mins...ect.) Everytime she gets up put her back in that spot. dont say anything to her. Stick with it. its hard at firt but then she will learn. when the two min are up talk down at her level and tell her what she did wrong and make her appologize. it really worked for my daughter. good luck

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