what can i do to feel better about my preemie daughter?

Kristena - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




okay so im really glad i found this site. i need advice..i gave birth to my daughter may 10 and she wass 2 in 1/2 months early..to sum it up shes been in the hosital 4 in 1/2 months we visited regularly and i guess got used to it. shes gone through hell from open heart surgery..necc..mrsa..respirtory problems..eating problems she has a g tube now and she came home.. bout 2 weeks ago and i am beyond stressed i get easliy frusteratd with her when i was never that way when she was in the hspital she is on oxegyn and is fed through her g tube 22 hrs a day this is my first child and its alot to handle i dont know if its th stress of all the extra stuff she has and all the doc appoinments i just dont know what to do to make myself feel better about her being home..i need the mother daughter attachment and i in a way see her like a stranger or something ive heard this can be normal so if anyone can help i would really appreciate it please

Is there anyone else that has felt this way...?


Ella - posted on 10/10/2012




Hi my name is Ella and althoe my son was only 4weeks early I kinda understand ur rant,I have 2 children Daniel now 8 and Toby 17 months,when I had Daniel he was whist away straight away I couldn't see him for 2hrs and he was in scuba for a week,I found bounding with him once home hard and struggles for months,althoe I loved him I just did not naturally enjoy motherhood very much althoe with Toby he was born on time and I immediately had skin to skin with him for a whole hour after birth and have found my exsperiance with him soooo much better,I love my children both the same and would give them both my last breath but I'll openly admit my bond with the second child came far earlier and as a result I'm really enjoying having a baby/toddler this time,I think ur feelings r perfectly normal,don't beat ur self up about it plus uve been threw tremendous stress,just keep doing what ur doing I'd also recommend sum skin to skin time with ur child and baby massage etc and I'm sure all will come rite eventually hope this helps xx

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