what can I do to have my 16 year old sons visitation rights modified? He doesn't want to go see his dad, but his dad is trying to force him to go. My son is verbly and sometime physically abused.His dad told me I couldn't tell him how to discipline our son. I need to know what forms to print so my son doesnt have to be forced to go

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My son hasn't always had a good relationship with his father due to his father being absent his first 8years coming and going. Just 3 years ago is when he finally settled and started taking care of his responsibility. My son is scared of his visitations with his dad due to the fact of how his dad has anger problem. He has a history of family violence and has been arrested for it. All I want is that my son gets the opportunity to choose when he wants to visit with dad. I am needing the forms to file or what type of affidative I need


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If you're in the US, the child should be able to advocate for himself at this age. Your attorney can request a visitation review, and that your son's wishes be heard and decided on.

Generally, by the age of 16 the child is allowed to choose whether or not to participate in visitation. Exceptions to this, in the US would be court ordered visitation specifically stating the non custodial parent will have visitation access until the child is the physical age of 18. But, as I said, in most US cases, a 16 YO will be allowed to make that choice.

Jodi - posted on 04/10/2014




Where do you live? It is highly likely you don't need to do anything. I know that here in Australia, they tend to not even bother hearing a case involving a child over 16 because you can't force them to go if they don't want to.

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