what can i do to have strength am newly pregnant


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Eat properly and exercise.
Make sure you eat enough food, you need LOTS more calories, but you have to be careful what foods you get them from or you will just make yourself tired, and gain a lot of unnecessary weight. Focus mostly on fruits, veggies, greens, and proteins. Avoid simple carbohydrates for long term energy--they will give you a boost of energy if you feel tired mid-day, but try not to have them at breakfast or dinner. Also focus on whole foods rather than processed stuff. The whole foods are more difficult to digest, but they have a lot of the nutrients still in them. The processed foods are easier to digest because the processing has done most of the digestion for you, but the nutrients are mostly stripped out of them.

Talk to your doc about what exercises are okay. You may need to cut back a lot on your usual strength training unless you are in really great shape, but cardio is okay for most women, and it releases endorphins that give you an energy boost. When I was pregnant, I had to switch to lighter weights, but they didn't give me the boost I needed, and I wasn't building muscle so I felt like I was wasting time. Instead I dropped weights completely and just added an elliptical class--that kept my muscles toned AND gave me the cardio I needed for energy.

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