What can I do to keep my baby from sleeping on her face?

Chelsey - posted on 08/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby girl is 12 weeks old and just learned how to roll over. At first I was freaked out, but my mom reassured me that if she can get in that position she can get out of it.. so ok i guess... but although she is strong enough to move her head side to side she prefers to sleep with it straight down in the mattress! I have tried to be sneaky and move her head to the side or even roll her on her side, but without fail she rolls back to her tummy with her face straight down in the mattress. I have tried rolled up blanket to keep her from rolling and she ends up on top of it! what am I going to do?!? HELP!!


Kim - posted on 08/30/2012




Awww lol I know it's not funny, but sounds very cute! Anyway, if she is capable of moving her head and rolling over she should def. be able to pull her face out of that position if she get's too uncomfortable, just check on her every so often to make sure everything is okay and if so hopefully it will pass and she will find a new comfortable position. Is she sleeping for long periods of time? If so, consider yourself lucky cuz most parents would love to have that! lol, good luck and don't worry too much! ;)


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Gwen - posted on 08/30/2012




My daughter was always a tummy sleeper. Like Kim said; if she can move her head around, she should be fine. The only other suggestion I could make would be to try swaddling (if she likes to be swaddled) so she can't roll over so easily.

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