What can I do to prevent so much spit up?

Leslie - posted on 08/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My twins were born 10 weeks early and are now almost 5 months old. One daughter has been diagnosed with acid refux and is on zantac however she continues to spit up all through the day. She no longer seems to be in pain while eating or while spitting up - thanks to the zantac but she continues to spit up a lot. She is gaining weight and we sit her up for atleast 30 minutes after she eats. We also burp her often during while she takes the bottle. I'm just amazed that 2 hours after a bottle, she still spits up! The doctor feels she just may be a baby who spits up a lot. She hasn't suggested changing formula because of her being a preemie and this is what they were on when they came home. Any thoughts???


Tee - posted on 08/13/2012




It could just be that she is just a spitter. One of mine was like that and no matter what we did he just would spit up (stayed that way until about 9 months old). Changing the formula might help but most doctors want to leave preemies on a preemie formula unless they are just huge for their age (had 2 like that....they both were off of preemie formula by 3 months old). Have you tried any of the bottles that don't allow as much air in. Maybe try leaving her up a little longer than 30 minutes. Have they suggested a small amount of cereal mixed in the bottle to make it heavier so they she might not spit it up. The doctor had us try that with my youngest (it didn't help her but I have seen it work with some)

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