What can I do to relax my 4 month old?

Camilla - posted on 11/10/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, my daughter is almost 20 weeks old, but she's 7 weeks premature. She's quite a strong baby, but I'm having troubles with her trying to sit up all the time. When I'm changing her diaper she's tensing up constantly trying to sit up, when I'm done I let her grab my fingers and she pulls herself up to a sitting position. But what's bothering me is that during her night feedings, she wakes up crying(like always), and starts trying to sit up right away. I'm happy that she likes to sit, during the day I sit her on the couch and she's content, but I want her to relax! I want her to just sleep and not try sitting up at night or during diaper changes. Diaper changes are taking longer then ever, she's tensing up every couple of seconds, she goes red poor thing. I try to hurry but I can't put her diaper on properly when she does this so it takes longer. Any ideas on how to maybe relax her? Dad started walking at 6 months and has had weak ankles since he was a kid, I don't want her to be in such a rush, I want her to relax! A few times she puked during a diaper change because it was after a feeding and she was trying to sit up so hard. Thank you in advance!

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