what can I do to see my daughter if her mother wont speak to me

David - posted on 03/11/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so heres whats going on ...My daughter was born november 2011 and ever since she was born her mother treated me like dirt no matter what it was it was my fault constently putting me down and yelling at me even infront of our daughter even in public so march of 2013 I left I was living with her at her dads house I had the job and she stayed home and for about two weeks I was still going and seeing her but all that happened was her mother screaming at me about money and how to care for her so I stopped going to see if she would calm down cause one our daughter didnt nees to see or hear or arguments just because she wasnt getting her way and to the emotional and verbal abuse on me was to much so a couple months later I messaged her and we talked on the phone and right away she started to yell at me so I left it be around september I tried again this time no response so finally 4 weeks ago I tried to message her after I found out that my mother saw her at a store and she told my mother I could set up a time to see her so that very day I messaged her asking to set up a time facebook has that neat little thing where it shows you if some one read your message well she did and didnt respond 2 hours later I sent another again nothing tried again couple hours later same thing so I waited and tried again the next day once again same thing the only thing I can do for her is pay child support which I have been since last year and with no job its impossible for me to get a lawyer or attorney I want to be her dad not just the father i want to be able to decide whats best for her and take care of her the way i see fit as her dad in an enviorment in which im also comfortable even if its for a couple days out of the week or even a few hours a day like when shes at work i didnt even get to take our daighter to see my mother less the 10 minutes up the highway just because she didnt like my mom yet she would constently take our daughter to see her mother over an hour away I mean I miss her so much I dont know what to do im heart broken that her mother can be so evil as to keep me from my daughter with out any legitmate reason she said once she was afraid i wouldnt give her back but i know what its like to not be allowed to see your own child and i would never do that to anyone its just to evil but now im living back at my mothers trying to get a job to take care of bills and keep my car up to date and she still wont let me see her and now she has a boyfriend who lives a good hour and a half away and it hurts know that they are prolly going back and forth when she cant even drive 5 10 minutes to drop our daughter of with me for the day im so depressed and heartbroken please help


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Jodi - posted on 03/11/2014




Unfortunately, you are going to have to get a lawyer and file for custody. Would you qualify for legal aid? There are also men's rights groups that can help you with legal advice.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/11/2014




This needs to be addressed with a petition for either partial physical custody, or visitation. Support should be set up in court as well.

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