What can I eat while breastfeeding?

Annalisa - posted on 08/23/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




It seems like everything I eat bothers my son. I've switched to an allergen free diet and it seems to be helping cuz he's a lot better. Allergen free diet includes: rice, potatoes, turkey, chicken, green and yellow squash, pears and apples. Everything else is off limits.

He's 12 weeks old now so in trying to add food back in.

I tried eating spinach yesterday in a chicken soup, and he was upset all day today.

It seems I can't eat anything. I added carrots and celery which is fine for him.

But anything else bothers him. Things you wouldn't think of....pineapple, cucumbers, raspberries, etc.

I use agave or honey as a sweetener for cream of rice cereal in the morning and if I out too much , he gets yeasty diaper rash.

I feel like I'm ruining him cuz I have to eat the same foods all the time. Will he develop an allergy?

When can I start to eat things without them effecting him? 3months? 6 months?

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