What can I give for breakfast to my 1yr old who has a milk allergy


Karli - posted on 05/20/2011




Hello, You can give them any kind of fruit and I gave mine oatmeal. It is the best breakfast food for everyone. I usually throw in a few dates or a banana while cooking for a natural sweetener.


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Tanya - posted on 05/20/2011




Ok... I hope I don't bore you lol! But I'll give you a few figures from my NHS dietary reports.

Between the ages of 1-3, 275mgs of Calcium is needed in their daily diets.

100mls of fortified oat milk will give him 120g of calcium. So if you measured out 200 mls of it and used it throughout the day on porridge, in mash potato, maybe make custard or rice pudding then he will be getting 240g. If he doesn't like the taste as just a drink, you can put a small amount of banana or strawberry nesquick in, this was advised by my paed.

The worry about what a small amount of sugar will do is over shadowed by getting the calcium in.

Some other products with calcium in...

Bread has 60mg per 2 slices.

Canned sardines are really high. You have to mash them up really well as you have to include the bones but they are soft and mash well.

Figs are high in calcium. Jacob's Fig rolls as a snack. .

Oranges are good.

Broccoli is good as are spring greens and curly kale. You could make a shepherd's pie and mix them in (with the oat milk mash on top).

Baked beans have a good amount of calcium in too.

I got this answer from another site, and edited the mistypes and information to it will be relevant to you! My browser crashed, so I am unable to cite my source sadly. So, I hope this helps!

Laura - posted on 05/20/2011




You can give them just about anything that doesn't have milk in it! A peanut butter and jelly sandwich makes a good breakfast if your little likes them. Stick to whole grain cereals, fresh fruits and dairy substitutes such as soy yogurt. Good luck!

Louise - posted on 05/20/2011




Bannas no sugar flapjack, toast and marmite, dried cereals and raisins, coissants, raisin breads, boiled egg, scrambled egg with no milk, omelete with no milk, sausages and tomatoes, cereal bars with low sugar.

September - posted on 05/20/2011




eggs, toast, waffles, french toast, yogurt with fresh fruit, cheese, oatmeal, grits, hash browns, bacon (I like to get all natural bacon, less processed), fresh fruit, omelets, sausage...really the options are endless! :)

Christy - posted on 05/20/2011




I used to mix baby cereal with applesauce, they loved it (not separately though, LOL).

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