What can I give my kids to drink other than juice?

Ashley - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am constantly trying to find new things for my 3 & 6 year olds to drink. They are like bottomless pits when it comes to drinking. I give them juice but I don't wanna give them too much. I don't want any rotted teeth! So what other drinks can I give them that aren't bad for them or their teeth?


~Jennifer - posted on 09/03/2009




I buy Crystal Light (it's sugar free) and use just half the amount of mix they suggest.

(ie: 2 of the little tubs make a gallon, so I just use 1 tub)

They make an apple flavor and a white grape flavor that my kids love. They won't drink regular water if they're home and they know I have juice (they'll drink regular water if we're out somewhere -go figure...), so I've been using the 'juice flavored' sugar-free Crystal Light to substitute.

Amy - posted on 09/03/2009




Anything sugar free, even if it's Kool-Aid. There are reduced sugar juices as well. MILK WATER We drink a lot of decaffeinated iced tea sweetened with Splenda and those ZERO Powerades that are sugar free. Our grocery store runs them for $1 each and between my two daughters they use about one a day. My son only drinks gallons of water, unless I force milk down him, I got lucky with him.


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Carrie - posted on 02/16/2016




I didn't notice how old thus post is till now. I agree with Dove though. My boys drink water most of the day. They get milk for breakfast, but water the rest of the day. The only time they'll get anything else us on a special occasion or if we go out to eat. We only go out to eat once a month.

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This post is 6.5 years old, but... WATER. Please people... stop giving your kids liquid calories nonstop. On occasion is fine, but 99% of the time the child should be drinking water (except for milk at mealtimes).

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plenty of water is great! my daughter hates water. she's five and tells me it's bland. we use a lot of those single serve flavor things too... mainly kool-aid and lipton green teas. as far as better juice goes, i started buying the simply orange and simply apple. pure pressed juices that are still full of sugar but it's the natural sugar, so i'm cool with that and we still mix our girlie's juice half and half with water. after i got the first bottles of our juice and they were gone, the next time i bought, i just filled my old container half with water and mixed my juice that way. then popped my spare bottles in the freezer until i ran out. keep other spare bottles full of water in the fridge. even make large things of green tea and use splenda to sweeten if you want. my girl actually likes unsweet tea better, which is weird here in the south but whatever... i also say green tea because it's caffeine free. :)

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Hi, I live in New Zealand and we are encouraged to give our kids only water or low fat milk as an alternative, but mostly water. My kids only get "sweet" drinks as a treat at parties or celebration times. My 3yr old chooses to drink water now because it's all she really gets. If you don't give them an alternative then they will get used to just water. Also we have a cold water filter tap at our kitchen sink so my girls think its great they can fill their own cups or water bottles and spillage is no problems as it's only water to wipe up.

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I give my son crystal light or the graduate water; it is flavored but without all that sugar. My son can not drink juice, it upsets his stomach and these are the things that I found that he can drink. 100% juice will still have a lot of sugar since fruit is mostly sugar. Hope this helps :)

Elizabeth - posted on 09/03/2009




I sometimes give my children flavoured water or flavoured milk as a change only problem with the flavoured water is the sweetners the sad reality of it is water is best. Ensuring their teeth are brushed every morning and night before bed should minimise the damage done to their teeth

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Plenty of water......especially when they play outside a lot. Milk at meal times. Juice maybe for breakfast or a sack in the morning. You could maybe look into making your own juice wth a blender so that you know its all fruit and not %100 sugar.

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