What can I have my daughter call my Fiance?

Allison - posted on 10/04/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2 and I have been with my fiance for over a year now. Since day one she has called him "Babe." She is very smart and knows that his real name is Paul. When she calls him by his name it sends a very weird feeling down my spine. It feels like she is calling me by my first name. What is another name other then dad or daddy she can call him. Her dad is not around very much but he is still in the picture and my step daughter wouldn't really like the idea of my daughter calling her dad what she calls him. I need ideas, my family disapproves of my daughter calling him this, but I don't really know what else for her to call him. He has done more for her then her dad has ever so I feel like he has a lot more meaning then just his name and I also have a 3 month old baby with my fiance so I feel like he deserves a name other then his real one.


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Peta-marie - posted on 10/08/2012




my kids call my hubby dad (even though he is their step dad) AND their real dad dad, my hubby n i have been together since my youngest was only 6 months, so she kinda automatically called him dad. now 3 1/2 years later they know that they have 2 daddies! they have their real daddy who they see on the weekends, and their pretend daddy who they live with. i know the ex doesnt LIKE it, but he accepts it. realistically my hubby sees them and interacts with them a LOT more than their real dad. how about daddy paul? not just daddy, but acknowledging that he is in fact a strong father figure, and she calls his paul already, plus she would be hearing her step sister call him daddy, so im my case id go for daddy paul.

Gwen - posted on 10/05/2012




Paul. I don't feel it's appropriate for kids to call boyfriends any form of Dad. After you guys are married, then she can call him whatever is comfortable. My stepkids always called me by my first name--their choice.

Michelle - posted on 10/04/2012




I always called my mother's husbands by their first name (she had 2 after she divorced my Dad) and my 2 oldest children call my husband by his first name.

I understand he has been around since she was little but I really don't see the problem with using his first name.

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