What can i use on a biracial girls hair to get it looking relaxed

Janelle - posted on 05/26/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




So I have a eight year old niece Harmony(brothers baby), and her mother is white or caucasian whatever, so I do her hair every Saturday, and Monday because her mom has to work. And she has really thick tangled curls. And I'm not used to it because my kids who are multiracial but mostly black doesn't have that problem with their hair tis curly but not that curly. And I really want to flat iron it but it might break off her hair. So I just need to know what products to use, And what is a cute hairstyle hairstyles do with her curly hair for her piano recital?


Cecilia - posted on 05/26/2013




Okay go to the store and look for Luster's pink hair lotion.It is sold pretty much everywhere even walmart. It will not straiten it but moisturize it. This will make the brushing process so much easier. If you want to flat iron it with just the hair lotion it will do fine and will not break.

I would suggest that if you want to make it as strait as possible with a flat iron you look for Ren pure Brazillian Keratin. It is sold at Walgreens and other drug stores. Yellow spray bottle. It will keep the hair strait for 2-7 days depending on humidity. you would use this on top of hair lotion.

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I used a flat iron on my daughters hair and she's half black she's got my fine hair but oh my is her head full of curls and tight curls to but I always put little braids in it with beads it was cute I thought took forever but was worth it in the end. I have no business doing my own hair let alone anyone else's so I just did what I knew I could do


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I have a 4 year old step daughter. She isn't biracial, shes just black. I've flat ironed her hair many of times. I also have taken some cosmetology classes but im not quite finished with my license yet. A good thing to do is to wash it right before flat ironing it, and on her wet hair, use either a moisturizer or some type of thermal oil. I use CHI oil. Then blow dry it. The reason for oiling it wet because it preserves moisture, gives a shinier look, and also makes the hair more softer. After blow drying, because she is so young, depending on the thickness of her hair, tells you which temperature to use to flat iron. If its really fine, use a low temperature. If its really coarse, use maybe 360 temp. For her recital, just flat iron it and give her a little bow to put in it.

Cecilia - posted on 05/26/2013




To note, i have a biracial daughter. I used luster's alone for about 10 years. My foster sister (also biracial, with biracial children-her hubby is biracial so yea children still are lol) found the Ren Pure and suggested it to me.

Oh last thing do not use a straightener with metal plate, you want to find one with ceramic plates on it. For short term use metal is fine but ceramic works much better and is better for the hair. I bought mine at Sally's beauty supplies (google it there should be one in your area) But i'm sure they are sold at other places. Feel free to tell the mom to buy all of this stuff.

Don't forget to get a shower cap, it will save you a ton of time from straightening it all the time. Their hair only needs washed about once a week.

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