What can make a two year old break out?

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So I'm trying to make a list of everything that would make my daughter break out in patches all over her body. She came home yesterday from daycare with this and unfortunately I didn't notice until I was taking her out of the car to bring her up to the condo. It literally looks like acne patches all over her body and I know after I gave her some benedryl last night it looked a little better.

Today I asked her morning daycare teacher to watch her and let me know what she gets into or if they changed anything.....didn't get that information because the after noon teacher didn't know what the hell I was talking about. She couldn't even remember if they changed something like the soap but she did tell me they have no ants outside....so I'm a little upset with them. First real problem I've had with them other then the fact that I told them NOT to put her in diapers just because they are handy at the time. I give them enough pull ups to put into her cubby with her blanket and pillow in back so there is no reason why my daughter should be coming home in baby diapers instead of pull ups. (yes I'm insistant because we are restarting potty training with the pull ups at daycare and she gets CONFUSED when they put a diaper on her).

Any way...rambling sorry. So far I have listed: change in soap, ate something she's allergic too so she's finally having a reaction (she was tested but never had a reaction to what the test said she's allergic too), change in wipes, latex gloves used to change the diapers with (not shown to be allergic but who knows), sunscreen, and last but not least something outside on the playground. What that would be I don't know as parents are not allowed past the front door.

Is there anything I'm missing? I know if this doesn't clear up in a few more days I'm taking her back to the allergist to have her looked at for this.


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Wow..Where do you live?? I'm sorry but to me that sounds like an excuse for not letting you see what your precious child is going through in their day. My daycare staff know each kids parents and if someone different comes to pick them up they have to be on the approved list and show an ID and I get to see how clean the faucility is and how the staff is interacting with the kids ( are they yelling, ignoring or actually incuriging them)..Sorry rambling but anything could be the cause and with you not being able to just pop in and see what is going on, Start to really get on them and not let up until you find out..but the Oatmeal baths they work wonders take the itch away instantly. Son had bunch of bug bites and they were all dried up and itch was totally gone in 3 baths.


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Christina - posted on 08/20/2013




My 2 year old breaks out alot with bumps all over her neck upper back and chest. i came to find out its from to much heat we live in Florida and being out side for 10 minutes in the summer she breaks out.

Iridescent - posted on 04/30/2010




Honestly, anything. Start having them track exactly what she eats (and what is served) each time she is fed. Same for drinks. Have they shampooed the carpets recently? What type of cleanser did they use? It doesn't matter if she's been exposed before and didn't react, because you HAVE to be exposed once to something without a reaction to develop an allergy. The earliest possible reaction would be on the second exposure. What types of plants do they have nearby? Are any flowering? Have they recently mowed the lawn, and does she play directly on it? Have they put down any chemical, inside or outside, child safe or not, for ants, spiders, weeds, mice? Or fertilizer in the yard? Do they use fragrance crystals powder on carpeting? Do they use Febreeze? I'm extremely allergic to that (actually, to many of the items I've listed). Do they use Lysol odor killer? Any type of aerosol for scent in the air? What type of fabric softener do they use? What type of detergent do they use? Is it a liquid or a powder? I can only use Tide Free now (started with allergy to powders, became allergy to fragrances as well), and Bounce Free fabric softener. I cannot even come into contact with my own clothing until the washer has been run empty twice after someone uses another type of detergent without reacting.

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My daughter has my allergy to unfinished wood and breaks out when the mulch at the playground touches her skin.

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I actually saw inside when we first started bringing her there but to keep with routine and cut down seperation anxiety along with security of the facility all parents are asked to stay outside the door until the child is brought to them. All daycares in my county are like that here......during pick up times they even have a local officer sit in the parking lot two spots down from them in the strip mall parking lot or sitting on the bench outside the resturant next to them. One reason why I chose this daycare....the cop and they have the highest rating in daycares where I live.

Amy - posted on 04/30/2010




Personally, I always check a daycare facility from one end to the other before I let them take care of my kids. Them not letting you see beyond the door is rediculous.

It sounds like, without having seen it, a case of hives. Hives are usually an allergic reaction. From my expierence, benedryl works pretty well. Also, try an oatmeal bath or use Aveeno's oatmeal soap. For an oatmeal bath, run the water like you normally would and then, put some oatmeal in the water. Then, let her soak in it.

I have done that for my kids and it seems to help.


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