What can you share about a mother who whats to control her 11yr. middleschool son

Robert Neal - posted on 11/23/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




Mother is totally against any kind of 7th grade dating. Mom says that if she finds out that son has a relationship with the 7th grade girl...son will be grounded for a long time and that counseling will also be enforced. Dad say's 8th grade dating will be o.k.


Ev - posted on 11/23/2013




I really think that 7th grade is too young to be worried about dating at all. What is so important to kids these days about having the BF/GF? WHen I was 11 I was more worried about the time I had left in a day to play. I also worried more about what was on TV. I think kids are trying to grow up too fast. I made my own kids wait until the age of 16 to date. My youngest is 16 now and he has not yet asked a girl out.


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Megan - posted on 11/25/2013




Dating means something different to kids this young though. Everything is different today compared to 10, 20 years ago. Kids are hitting puberty younger. My little cousin was talking about boys and crushes and went on "dates" at a school sporting event when was 11.obviously it has to be controlled or whatever but if he dates at 11 by going with her to the park or having her over for a movie does that really necessitate counciling?

Cutesmallfeet - posted on 11/25/2013




I think it's to early and causes a lot of hurt and insecurities to early in life for no real reason. Love yourself enough to wait untill your mature and ready to handle any UN expected pregnancies.

Sandra - posted on 11/23/2013




I say Mom and Dad should get on the same page and agree on what is best for their son together!!! Personally, I think dating at 7th grade is too young, but going out in a supervised outing with the Church/School with adults superivsors would most likely help the son to feel like he has a girlfriend. It seems in this day and age, that everyone "NEEDS" to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or they are not accepted by their piers. A lot of pressure is put on kids to have "girlfriend/boyfriend".

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