what conversation should we have when at 1:30am I realize my daughter's bedroom door is locked and her boyfriend is inside with her?


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Tina - posted on 07/16/2012




Well first off she needs to discuss with you about any visitors staying over. Boys are not aloud in bedrooms period. That's presuming she's under age. I would also set a curfew and if she is planning on visiting friends she is to let you know where and give you the address and contact number or have a mobile. My curfew for visiting was 5pm. I'd also sit down as uncomfortable as it is. Discuss safe sex. That's boy must wear condom every time. It only take one time to get an std or pregnant and maybe consider birth control as extra precaution. I know this is uncomfortable too but teenagers think that other sexual practices are safe. As in oral/anal. They're not and just as likely to get an infection. I know it's all uncomfortable stuff but it's good that you can be honest with your kids and discuss anything and a big important one is that she needs to be able to come to you and discuss anything as well.

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