What could be causing my baby to projectile vomit every morning?

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Almost every morning (or for atleast one bottle of the day) for the last week my DD (who is 6 months old) has been projectile vomiting her whole bottle up as soon as she finishes it. She has had a cold and has a bit of a cough (i thought it might be phlegm) but she is not coughing at any other times just after her bottle. I am at a lost and worried she is losing weight? Anyone else experienced this? I have heard it might be teething.......


Deanne - posted on 10/14/2010




When my daughter was a baby she projectile vomited, iwas sent to the hospital to have her checked as was told by a doctor to have her checked out properly as there is a condition that causes it, after waiting at the hospital all day(cause the equipment they needed was being used) they told me to come back the next day, didnt go back cause i had 2 other young kids & didnt have the time to sit at a hospital all day. She is now 6 & still vomits over anything. As she got older we couldnt walk into Macdonalds or walk through a food court with out her vomitting. It may be nothing, maybe your child is just going through something but i would suggest you see a doctor or a peadiatrition & have her checked out properly


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Rachel - posted on 10/14/2010




My mother-in-law said my husband did that when he was a baby-toddler. We now know it is because he has severe acid reflux. I would just talk to your pediatrician. It is probably nothing, but I am a worry wart so I know I would have to call

Tisha - posted on 10/14/2010




a baby can develop a milk allergy at any time so I would check with her doctor or try her on soy formula. my daughter was fine until she was 7 months then she just started projectile vomitting. the doctor had me switch her to soy formula and then she was fine.

Laura - posted on 10/14/2010




Get her checked out for possible allergies. Did she have pyloric stenosis when she was younger? One of my friends had it and her surgery undid itself 3 times... If not, the condition (though normally in babies under 2 months) can develop even in babies up to around 6 months.

Jackie - posted on 10/14/2010




Mu Daughter did that too and me being a first time mom, I thought it was normal. Then soon after I found traces of blood in her stool!

Turns out she had a milk protein allergy. You may want to have her checked. Good Luck

Stephanie - posted on 10/14/2010




I don't have an answer for you but my son is 5 months old and is doing the exact same thing :(

Maybe it will be helpful to know you're not alone???

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